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Miscellaneous Pictures

These are miscellaneous pictures that don't fit in any of the other albums.


My friend Brent stopped over the day I got my digital camera, so he got to be the subject of my first picture.

My Computer

Yes, it's a mess. My apologies.


The insides of an NES Zapper. I took one apart when I was de-cording it for my Captain N costume for ACen.


A closer view of the insides of a Zapper.


The Lorraine Theatre in Hoopeston, IL, the site of 30 of my friends and associates' midnight viewing of Star Wars: Episode II.

Gaming Sign

A closeup of my office door at work, showing my "Gamers Have Two Jobs" sign from Penny Arcade.

Gaming Sign

Close up of the sign. They asked people who had put it up at work to send pictures to them.

All photographs are available in larger versions. Please contact Brian Sebby,, if you would like to get a copy of a particular photo.
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