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Anime Central, May 16-18, 2003

The following galleries were taken at the 2003 Anime Central, the largest Chicago-area anime convention. This year, a large number of people from the IRC network I chat on came to Chicago for the convention. These include Brandon (Haunter), David (Loopy), Jeff (Richmond), Jeremy (Shinji), Shane (Sutarion), and Victor (Richter). I also ran into friends from IMSA, UIUC, and the local Japanese club. As a result of all the hanging out with people I normally only see online, I missed seeing some of the guests. I did get to the concert by Yoko Ishida, the Naze Nani Megatokyo panel, and to several of my favorite panels such as Anime Hell, Bad Anime, and Dubs that Time Forgot. To see more pictures of the guests and panels, plese visit Fan's View. Some of my friends took their own pictures at the convention. If any of them post their pictures, I'll link to them.
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