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Brian Goes to Hawai'i, June 11-21, 2002

In June of 2002, I journeyed to Honolulu, Hawai'i, with my dad Larry, my stepmom Karen, and my stepsister Cari. We went there mainly to be at the wedding of my stepbrother Casey, but also took time to do a lot of touristy things while we were there. It was a great trip, and the first real test of my digital camera abilities. I took in the neighborhood of 850 pictures while I was there, which you can find in the albums below. I've also put up the pictures my dad took on his digital camera, and picked the best pictures I took and have them in a 'Best Of Hawai'i' album. Note: The photos from my dad and the 'Best Of' album are forthcoming.
More albums: My Hawai'i Pictures My Dad's Hawai'i Pictures My "Best Of Hawai'i" Album, coming sometime

All photographs are available in larger versions. Please contact Brian Sebby,, if you would like to get a copy of a particular photo.
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