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Final Dungeons and Dragons Session, August 17, 2002

For the past several months, I have been involved with a group of people in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Our campaign is now ended, however, since our gamemaster is moving to Hawai'i for graduate school. These pictures were taken the day of our final session, both of the players and their miniatures.

The Miniatures

Our miniatures prepare to do battle as they have throughout the campaign.

The Miniatures

Another shot of the miniatures group.

Aric, the Half-Orc Monk

My (Brian's) character, the big "beat on things" member of the party.

Velkyna Dragonslayer, the Human Rogue

Joe's character, she earned the title "Dragonslayer" due to some impressive work in our last session.

Shottamip, the Gnome Sorceress

Tami's character, she provided us with large numbers of fireballs and other magic during the campaign.

Jerrit, the Human Noble

The main NPC in our party, he helped advance the campaign's story as the son of the local lord.

Aedean, the Human Cleric

Chris's character, he helped with lots of healing and undead-warding during the campaign.

Mennendon (aka Max), the Human Fighter

Neil's character, he provided much of the monster slaying during the adventure.

Arkady, the Human Bard

James' character, he recorded the journal for our group and sang songs to lift our hearts (and our stats!)

Zeus, the dog, Hill,..alfling Shadowdancer

Aaron (Hill) and Debbie's (Viola) characters, they joined our group halfway through the campaign and provided invaluable support.

Lia, the Half-Elf Fighter

Angie's character, she had a tendency to take out anything that stood in our way.

The Group

Our group, minus Debbie and Aaron, after the final session.

The Group

Another shot of the group.


He looks slightly dazed for some reason.


That's better.


Suggest a caption, Aaron!


Chris looks very relaxed now that the campaign's over.


That's me. Joe insists I should caption this "SEBBY!"


Suggest a caption, James!


Joe demonstrates Velkyna's stabby-stabby theory of fighting.


I attempt to imitate my miniature's stance.


Suggest a caption, Angie!


Sugguest a caption, Tami!


Our fearless GM, he seems to be pleased with the outcome of the campaign.


It's like deja vu all over again!

More Mike

Zooming in ever closer.

The Group

We found Aaron, but we're still missing Debbie.

The Group

One final shot of the group.

All photographs are available in larger versions. Please contact Brian Sebby,, if you would like to get a copy of a particular photo.
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