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Driving to Los Angeles

After the LISA Conference I drove to Los Angeles to visit my friend George for a few days. Unfortunately, this was as close as I ever got to the ocean. (Guess I'll do that next time. :) )

Parking Lot Adventure

After hearing my former roommate Don go on about Disney for so many years, I had to see it myself. I had been warned about their new California Adventure park, so this is as close to that as I got.

George at the Entrance

George standing in front of a building at the Entrance to Disneyland.

Disneyland Christmas Tree

Since it was almost Christmas, Disneyland was decked out for the holiday.

Brian at the Temple of Mara

This is me standing in front of one of the statues outside of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Mara ride. (Which was as fun as promised. :) )

Club 33

This is the door to Club 33, an exclusive club on Disney's property. Again, this is something I'd heard Don talk about often enough that I had to find it.


The interior of Pirates of the Caribbean. The lighting wasn't very good for the picture.

Splash Mountain

We learned an important lesson at Disneyland: don't go on water rides when the temperature is in the 50s.

Mixed Message

So which is it, Disney? Do you want us to recycle, or waste stuff?

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion had been redecorated for the holidays to tie in with 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

Tom Sawyer's Island

This is Tom Sawyer's Island across the river. It looked cool, but I never did get over to it.

Weird Gadgets

These were on the top of one of the rides in Tomorrowland. I should have waited to take the picture, as they started moving later.

George in front of Beauty's Castle

It was lit up and looked really neat at night, but unfortunately that didn't come out in the picture.

Brian in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Like the previous pic, the cool lighting on the castle didn't show up in the picture.

In the Tiki, Tiki, T.., Tiki, Tiki Room...

Over the years, I've heard the Tiki Room music more times than I can count. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the actual Tiki Room, they were closed. Sorry, Don.

Huge Crowd

This was supposed to show the huge crowd near the time the fireworks went off. But it didn't come out well.


Yes, I tried to take pictures of the neat fireworks. I won't try that again.

More Fireworks

Even More Fireworks

Brian Looking Surprised

I think George surprised me to take this picture.

Brian and George

One final picture taken in George's room before I left to head back to San Diego to fly back to Chicago.

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