pictures : Pictures from 2001 : Trip to California, December 2001 : Pictures from the plane trip to California


The Plane

The plane I took out, as seen from the terminal at O'Hare.


Somewhere in the United States. :)

Crop Circles

There were a lot of odd crop circles out west.

Desert (or snow)

I couldn't tell if the land below was desert or snow covered, but I thought it looked cool.

Beginning of the Rockies

The beginning of the Rocky Mountains.

The Rocky Mountains

Flying over the Rocky Mountains was quite a great sight.

Beginning of the Grand Canyon

The pilot said we were flying over the Grand Canyon. I thought that this was it.

The Grand Canyon

But I was wrong. The Grand Canyon was much grander. :)

More Countryside

Somewhere in the United States. Presumably past the Grand Canyon.

San Diego

Downtown San Diego as seen during the landing at the airport.

All photographs are available in larger versions. Please contact Brian Sebby,, if you would like to get a copy of a particular photo.
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